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Why Choose Us

As we are the Number 1 damp proofing Specialists in Cyprus. We carry out home & site surveys with our Qualified Surveyors, with long guarantees and all works carried out to very high standards.

We are based in Larnaca and work from our office / Shop in the Oroklini Shopping Mall, Larnaca

10 very good reasons why we are the Number 1 Damp Proofing company in Cyprus:

  • We are a long established company working originally from Paralimni and are now located and based in Larnaca, making us more central for our customers to visit our premises and we also have over 20 years experience in the preservation & waterproofing industry. With our additional office / shop opening in Paphos in 2014. Due to our expansion.

  • We provide long Guarantees with our preservation works including our damp proofing, waterproofing and waterproof painting systems.

  • We are also the main contractors to various architects, developers and estate agents when building new homes or simply renovating them, calling for advice or to install the initial damp proof installations.

  • We have all our Waterproofing & Preservation products imported from the UK, so you can rest assure that the materials we use conforms to British Standards Institute.

  • Our customers feel assured when they know they are dealing with a company who has official premises and can visit any time. Rather than using a damp company in Cyprus who just work from the back of a van and change their name & number whenever they get into trouble with too many complaints.

  • Our customers feel assured when they are calling us, ringing a proper company land line number, rather than using other companies who work from just a mobile number and are usually changed quite frequently. (Do not use companies who just have a mobile number as they as normally untraceable when you have a problem).

  • Our customers know they are dealing with an official company when they see our vans with our company name and logo's etc on the sign writing on our vehicles, rather than turning up in a old car they also use for carrying tools and materials!

  • Our customers feel assured when dealing with us knowing our qualified surveyors will assess the problems and it will be identified correctly, rather than someone just guessing and thinking they know best. (costing you a lot of wasted Euro’s)

  • Our customers feel assured when dealing with us, knowing our employee's are British and have been trained in their field of works in the UK. We do also use our Cypriot workers as well on jobs.

  • Our customers feel assured that we don’t do promotions or offer discounts to try and gain interest as we only provide low prices with high quality from the start.

As we are the best damp proofing company in Cyprus and the most reputable damp proofing company in Cyprus, you feel at ease knowing that you are putting your trust into our company when using us. We will stick to the original contract and will not charge any additional costs. Unless the customers requires addional works.

We would advise when employing a damp proofing company in Cyprus to check out their premises and check that they do exist, as some on the island just work from the back of a van and mobile number. The problem will be in 1 or 2 years time when you try to get them back, when they have mis diagnosed the problem and you cannot get them back to rectify the works and then you are left having to pay for the works to be done again.

We have had many jobs come to us from previous damp companies who have not carried out their obligation to go back and do the works again as the problems has just not gone away or they have gone bankrupt and closed down, leaving the customer unsatisfied and usually upset with a financial loss. So please use this information to check every company you use.

For a free no obligation survey by our Qualified surveyors call our Larnaca office / shop On: 7000 2066 or you can visit our offices / Shop at the Oroklini Shopping Center, Oroklini, Larnaca 7040.

Or you can EMAIL US ON: to book a survey.

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