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Rising Damp

Rising damp (and penetrating damp) in Cyprus is a problem that can potentially affect any building, old or new. But, what is rising damp and what does it do?
Rising Damp.

Unfortunately (in the case of damp) most buildings are constructed from some form of stone or concrete and these porous materials naturally soak up water just like a sponge would do. Rising damp is caused when, over a period of time water from the surrounding area gradually soaks into the brick work, concrete, stonework or through the cement used in the building process.

Water naturally contains soluble salts and its these minerals that you can see on the surfaces of the walls, deposited as the water dries out. In turn, these deposits extract moisture from the air and give rise to a permanent damp feeling to the wall and leave behind the tell-tale signs of a rising damp issue.

You can find out what the main indicators of a rising damp problem by simply clicking here – How to identify rising damp

Why is rising damp in Cyprus such a problem?

The building construction method in Cyprus0 is very traditional and has changed little over the years. Generally when a building is at the early stages the builder would install a preventative damp course and normally this is a form of damp proof course or membrane within the walls to stop rising damp occuring. However, in Cyprus this is not always the case and this is why, even in new builds, the Cyprus rising damp problems occur.

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