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DPC Installation

The beauty of using Dryzone Damp Proofing Cream is that it is so easy and quick to install and our customers love the fact that we create very little mess during the installation process. As with any job of this nature preparation and safety are our key concerns and our technicians will carry out a site check before starting the damp proofing process.

A simple five stage process.

- The wall is prepared by removing any damaged plaster and flaking paint.

- A series of 12mm holes are drilled at 120mm centres along the wall to be damp-proofed. These are drilled to a specific depth to ensure maximum penetration of the Dryzone cream.

- The Dryzone Cream is hand injected into these holes using a simple applicator gun.

- The Dryzone cream is left to do its magic and the walls are left plaster free to dry out.

- Once the walls are dry a new skim of plaster is applied and the walls are as good as new

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